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A few months later, my recurring role on As the World Turns is done, and I'm back pounding the streets of the city auditioning for another role in an off-Broadway play. When spring came around, my agent told me to get out to Los Angeles for pilot season. I went back to Coldwater and moved in with my father. I went on over two hundred auditions in six months, and over eighty percent of these were call backs. Most of the roles I was called in for went to famous stars. The casting directors and producers were wasting my time and giving hundreds of actors like me false hope with their fake auditions, and they knew it. I was called in for Madonna’s role in “A League of Their Own” directed by Penny Marshall. Then Warren Beatty called my agent to have me come to his hotel for a “meeting” for the lead singer in “Dick Tracy. Dick answers the hotel room with nothing but his Warren Beatty and a bathrobe. He charmingly invites me in. He wants to cast me on the couch, not in the movie. But Christ, he's a lot better looking than Harvey Weinstein. However, Warren is famous for sleeping with what he and many claimed to be twelve thousand women in Hollywood. Who wants to be twelve thousand and one? Just saying.

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